Artistic care to today's printing


With the addition of a unique inline perfect binder, we now offer an economical method for producing limited run high quality perfect bound books.  In order to print a book of 50-300 pages in full color or black & white, a press ready PDF file must be created.  On this page are detailed instructions for creating files for print using Adobe Indesign®. Other software applications can be used as well to produce PDF files.

The following instructions for file creation assume a good knowledge of professional graphics applications. If you are not that familiar with all aspects of these applications, contact your sales rep and we can help you.

Important design points:

• Your inside pages file must have an even number of pages.

• Open up all images or graphics that bleed to the bleed lines before writing the PDF file.

• Flatten layers of complex vector art to avoid printing problems. Note that some files cannot be printed if they are too complex.

• Before exporting pages as PDF X-1a, convert all black and white photo images to grayscale colorspace. This will insure that black and white images will print with no color cast.



Perfect bound book orders include:

• personalized consultation

• up to 100 color pages printed per book (extra charge for more pages)

• press proof of 5 pages prior to book run

• Discounts apply on larger quantities of books

For more information, or assistance with your order, contact your sales rep 

and we'll get you the help you need.