Artistic care to today's printing

The [r]evolution of digital color.

El Sereno Graphics was founded in 1977 as a color separation trade film studio. As traditional methods of image reproduction evolved from photomechanical to digital we evolved with the technology to become a digital color print shop.

Although the tools for color reproduction have changed, El Sereno Graphics still relies on the photographic sensibility that was the core of quality craft from the past. From the simplest project, to the most complex, we have the experience, equipment and know-how to produce image-enhancing results, with a focus on unsurpassed quality and value.

1970's - Gallery Camera with light table

1977 - Color Separation Enlarger

1980's - Drum Color Scanner

1990's - Digital Image Retouching

2005 - Digital Color Printer

2011 - Xerox Color 800 Digital Press with in-line perfect binding

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1970's - Dot Etching

In 1977 when El Sereno Graphics was founded as a color separation trade film studio, photo mechanical tools were used to reproduce art work for making offset printing plates.  By 1985, computer technology had begun to replace photographic methods of color reproduction.

The color scanner was the first important electronic device to affect change.  The scanner allowed for digital numeric control to measure and reproduce color in a predictable way.  Adaptation of computer Postscript¨ language to the color reproduction process enabled text, graphics and picture information to be designed and then imaged together onto separation film negatives in one combined process.

By the year 2000, film, which was the core product of color separation studios, was being displaced by direct imaging to metal printing plates.  Simultaneous to this development were advancements in electrophotographic methods of printing (i.e. Xerography).  In 1998 we added a small digital color printer for making color proofs to paper with no film or printing plates required.

In 2005 we purchased a production digital color press.  With this acquisition, the company completed the transition from a preparatory service for the print trade to a color printing business.

In 2011 we added the Xerox Color 800 press.  In addition to a dramatic improvement in quality and speed from previous printers, this press made possible the printing and perfect binding of complete color books in one process.

2000 - Digital Color Proof Printer